How Do You Lower Eye Pressure Naturally?

Physical exercise and relaxation techniques can lower eye pressure, but they are not a substitute for visiting the doctor, reports Glaucoma Research Foundation. Eye pressure is measured by a doctor who is able to determine the effectiveness of self-regulation techniques and exercise.

Studies show that riding a bike or walking four times a week for 40 minutes decreases eye pressure, even to the point of eliminating the need for certain medication, says Glaucoma Research Foundation. But some types of glaucoma do not respond to exercise, and other types demonstrate an increase in eye pressure after exercise. Exercises such as yoga may increase eye pressure when performed in a head-down or inverted position.

Limited research demonstrates biofeedback and relaxation techniques can decrease eye pressure, states Glaucoma Research Foundation. But studies that reveal decreased blood pressure and heart rate with relaxation and biofeedback give encouragement that natural ways exist to reduce eye pressure and treat glaucoma.

Other alternative methods for decreasing eye pressure exist, but there is no clinical evidence to support their application, according to Glaucoma Research Foundation. Homeopathic remedies are not tested by the Food and Drug Administration for effectiveness or safety, and there is no assurance that dosage guidelines are correct or that ingredients are consistent.