What Are Some Lower Back Exercises for Sciatica?


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Stretching exercises that can externally rotate the pelvic region are ideal for alleviating the lower back pain associated with sciatica, states Healthline. These forms of physical workout loosen tight and inflexible muscles to provide added support for the back area.

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The onset of sciatica, also known as the "sitting disease," is linked to leading an inactive lifestyle. Sciatica refers to the physical discomfort generally caused by a spinal herniated disc, which exerts intense pressure on the sciatic nerve. Relief from this agonizing pain can be achieved by engaging in a regular exercise regimen.

The "figure 4" and "pigeon" stretching exercises are particularly suited for conditioning the hips and gluteal muscles of the lower back. However, it is strongly recommended to initially consult a medical professional prior to starting a sciatica exercise routine, notes Spine-health.

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