What Is a Low-Purine Diet?


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A low-purine diet consists of foods that have low purine content, such as eggs, peanut butter, nuts, low-fat ice cream and cheese, and skim or 1 percent milk, according to Drugs.com. Fruit and fruit juices, rice, pasta, bread and popcorn are also low-purine foods.

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Purine breaks down in the body and becomes uric acid, which normally leaves the body with urine, according to Drugs.com. However, in people who suffer from gout, uric acid builds up in the blood, causing pain and swelling. Following a low-purine diet prevents gout flares and treats gout symptoms. People following a low-purine diet should limit or avoid meats, especially tuna, herring, mussels and organ meats, and avoid beer, which has a high purine content.

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