What Are Low-Phosphorus Foods for Kidney Problems?

What Are Low-Phosphorus Foods for Kidney Problems?

Low-fat cream cheese, almond milk, applesauce and unsalted popcorn are some foods that are low in phosphorus. People on low-phosphorus diets should avoid chocolate, nuts, whole grains and cola.

Whole grains and grain products tend to have higher levels of phosphorus, which means that people on low-phosphorus diets should select refined grains and white flour. White bread, pasta and crackers, as well as pretzels and popcorn, are all low in phosphorus.

Milk and dairy products tend to be high in phosphorus. To lower phosphorus intake, select dairy alternatives such as almond milk, rice milk, non-dairy creamer, non-dairy whipped topping and sherbet. Those on a low-phosphorus diet should avoid hard cheeses in addition to ricotta, cottage cheese, and fat-free cheeses.

Eggs tend to be high in phosphorus, but most of the phosphorus is in the yolk. By substituting egg whites for whole eggs when possible, individuals can avoid the phosphorus. Most meat and fish products contain some amount of phosphorus, but lower choices with lower phosphorus levels include chicken, turkey, shrimp and tuna. Those on such a diet should avoid organ meats and sardines.

Low-phosphorus fruit and vegetable snack choices include applesauce, baby carrots, blueberries and celery. Other ideal snacks include fig bars, hard candy, low-sodium crackers and unsalted pretzels. Many processed foods contain added phosphorus as a preservative or thickening agent. Those on a low-phosphorus diet should check the ingredients for calcium phosphate, disodium phosphate or phosphoric acid.