How Does a Low-Income Patient Get an Affordable Tooth Extraction?

A low-income patient can get affordable tooth extraction services through dental schools, clinical trials, local health departments and nonprofit organizations. Dentists often recommend a tooth extraction when the tooth is seriously damaged, notes WebMD.

Local health departments often provide dental care under government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, states the United States Department of Health and Human Services. These programs target individuals with disability, the elderly and low-income families. To qualify for these programs, individuals must meet set requirements. Low-income patients can find out more about these programs by talking to the staff of local health departments.

Clinical trials are research-based treatment programs aimed at introducing new techniques and drugs into the medical world. By attending such trials, a patient can easily find help at an affordable or no cost.

Nonprofit organizations often organize drives aimed at promoting oral health. Low-income patients can benefit from services under such programs. In some cases, dentist organizations allow their dentists to offer free services to individuals who are not able to raise enough money to settle the costs.

Local clinics or hospitals may provide free or low-cost dental care through their own systems. Patients should consult the customer care department to learn more about the qualification criteria and process of application.