What Are Low Glycemic Index Foods?


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Low glycemic index foods include raw carrots, raw apples, peanuts, grapefruits, skim milk, peas, kidney beans and lentils, according to the Mayo Clinic. The body digests these foods slowly, which gradually increases blood sugar in a regulated way.

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What Are Low Glycemic Index Foods?
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A glycemic diet refers to a weight-loss diet that is based on a person's blood sugar level, states the Mayo Clinic. It uses the glycemic index, which guides a person's eating plan. It categorizes foods containing carbohydrates based on their potential to increase a person's blood sugar level. Low glycemic index foods are those ranked 55 and under on the glycemic index.

The Mayo Clinic explains that low glycemic index foods remain in the digestive tract longer, as they are absorbed more slowly. This is the reason why these foods are also called slow carbs. They help reduce appetite and delay hunger cues, which helps with weight management. With balanced blood sugar, a person can reduce his risk of insulin resistance. The typical menu for a glycemic index diet includes breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran, and breads containing whole grains, sourdough or stone-ground flour. A person must eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and fewer potatoes while avoiding excess portions of rice, pasta and noodles.

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