What Is a Low-Glycemic Carb?


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A low-glycemic carb is a carbohydrate-containing food with a low glycemic index (GI), meaning it raises the blood glucose levels less than other carbohydrate choices. Diabetics and others concerned about their blood sugar are typically encouraged to choose low-GI carbs over medium- or high-GI carbohydrates.

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Foods with a GI of 55 or lower are considered low-glycemic carbs. Examples of these foods include barley, bulgar wheat, butter beans, corn, oat bran, oatmeal, legumes, lentils, lima beans, muesli, peas, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads and pastas and yams. In addition, nonstarchy vegetables and most fruits contain low-GI carbs. The glycemic index measurement is not the sole determiner of whether a given food is healthy. For example, oatmeal has a higher GI than chocolate simply because it contains more carbohydrates.

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