What Are Some Low-Fiber Foods?


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Some low-fiber foods are tender cuts of meat, ground meat, tofu, fish, shellfish, eggs and smooth peanut butter, according to the American Cancer Society. Milk, cheese and certain types of bread, cereals and grains are also foods low in fiber.

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What Are Some Low-Fiber Foods?
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A low-fiber diet is usually recommended for people with certain medical problems that require them to reduce the amount of fiber in their diets to allow their intestines to rest, explains the American Cancer Society. It is also advised for people who have diarrhea, cramping or problems digesting food and those who have undergone certain types of surgery. This type of diet minimizes the amount of food moving through the bowels, allowing the body to produce a smaller amount of stool. Dieters on a low-fiber diet are advised to eat small amounts of low-fiber foods with a little soluble fiber, as soft fiber gel does not irritate the intestines.

The American Cancer Society recommends baking, broiling or poaching meats and preparing meats as stews, roasts, meatloaves or casseroles. A dieter can eat small to medium amounts of milk, chocolate milk, butter milk, yogurt without seeds or granola, sour cream, cheese and custard. White breads, waffles, plain pasta and white rice are also low in fiber. A dieter should eat tender, well-cooked vegetables without seeds, stems or skins.

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