What Are Some Low-Fat Snack Foods?


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Fresh fruit and raw vegetables top the list of low-fat and healthy snack choices. Fruit, including apples, pears, watermelon, berries and bananas, is naturally low-fat and quite often has no fat at all. Fresh vegetables are also low in fat in most cases, although a few vegetables, such as avocados, contain a small amount of healthy fat that is acceptable for a low-fat diet.

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What Are Some Low-Fat Snack Foods?
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In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, Greek yogurt, popcorn, rice cakes, kale chips and string cheese all make excellent low-fat snack choices. Pita chips or chips that have been baked instead of fried are low-fat snack options. Dips prepared from a base of fat-free sour cream or yogurt are also low in fat and make an enjoyable snack when paired with fresh vegetables or low-fat chips.

Some substantial low-fat snacks that can also substitute as light meals include granola-yogurt-fruit parfaits, tortilla chips with salsa, mashed or baked potatoes with fat-free sour cream, vegetable soup, and turkey-cheese tortilla roll-ups. Low-fat cottage cheese can be combined with a variety of fruit choices for low-fat snacking.

Boiled, poached or scrambled eggs are low in fat, and omelettes made with eggs and other low-fat ingredients can provide substantial nourishment without high-fat content.

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