What Are Some Low-Fat Foods?


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Foods that are naturally low in fat include fruits, vegetables, fish, egg whites and grains. Some foods, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, are offered as fat-free, low-fat or light alternatives to their full-fat counterparts.

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Fat is more calorie dense than either carbohydrates or protein, which is why low-fat diets tend to be effective for overall weight loss and for maintaining good health. However, many foods packaged and marketed as low fat still have a high calorie content. The general rule to follow is 30 percent of one's total caloric intake should come from fat.

Healthy low-fat choices include fat-free or skim milk versions of cottage cheese, yogurt or milk, as well as skinless breast of turkey or chicken, lean ground beef and veggie burgers. Cereals such as oatmeal make good choices, as do rice, bagels, pasta and pretzels. It's important to be cautious when using condiments or toppings with these products, as many sauces, dressings, butter and jellies have high fat content.

There are many snacks that are low in fat, including baked versions of potato or tortilla chips, low-fat popcorn, some hard candies, vanilla wafer cookies and gelatin. Puddings, shakes and sauces made with 1 percent or skim milk and condiments such as mustard and salsa are generally low in fat.

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