How Do You Get Free or Low Cost Dental Work?


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To receive free or low cost dental work, visit a local United Way and/or health department, try applying for Medicaid or CHIP benefits (for children 19 and under), or participate in clinical trials for dental schools or research. Call government-funded health establishments for further suggestions and solutions.

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Dental and dental hygienist schools often provide low cost services to those who agree to be a patient for students to get real-life work experience. All dental procedures performed at a dental school are closely supervised by highly trained and experienced educators.

In addition to dental schools, there is a long list of dental clinical trials available for those willing to participate. Oftentimes, when a patient partakes in a clinical trial for research, not only is the service free, but the patient may receive compensation for their travels and help with research. With any clinical trial, the patient is only eligible if he or she meets the criteria for the trial (ex. age, disease, condition, etc.). Government-funded and non-profit organizations are usually good sources for finding free or low-cost dental work. Even if the organization can't offer a free service, most of the time they can refer a patient to an organization that can.

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