What Are Some Free Love Test Games?


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FunnyGames.us provides several free love test games including "Love Tester," "Love Test," "Love Tester Deluxe," "Love Tester Deluxe 2" and "Love Checker," in addition to "All for Girls Love Tester" and "Your Love Test." Flash Game Player also offers several free love test games such as "Does He Love You?" "Will Your Love Last?" "Is Your Relationship Moving Too Fast?" "RU in Love?" and "Is Love in the Air?"

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Love test games are also commonly referred to as "love meters" or "love calculators." Most games calculate a relationship's potential based on the names of the couple in questions. Some love test games also ask for birthdates for more in-depth love calculations based on astrology.

Love-Meter.net offers a variety of love tests. The Love Meter calculates compatibility on names alone, while the Love Calculator bases results on names and birthdates. The FLAMES love test determines whether two people are set for friendship, love, an affair or marriage; other choices include enmity and sisterhood. The Numerology test asks for both partners' names and birthdates to provide results based on life path number, destiny number, birthday number and balance number. The Zodiac Compatibility test offers insight into how a relationship works based on astrological signs

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