What Are Some Love Spells That Work Instantly?


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A simple love spell to give someone loving feelings for you is to write the person's name on a plain piece of paper with a red pen, place white sugar on the paper, pass an unlit red candle over the paper, turn the candle upside down, light it, and allow the wax to drop onto the sugar while you think of the feelings the person should have for you. Remember that all spells may be unreliable.

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To bring back a former love, begin by removing the petals from three red roses. Fill a silver or glass bowl with a salt solution and immerse the petals in it. As you add the petals, state convincingly what you want to happen. You can also make a prayer to the goddess of love. You must perform this spell on a Friday night during a crescent moon.

Another spell requires yarn and specific words. Find two short pieces of yarn, each a different color. Lay them beside each other. Pick up one piece, to represent you, in your left hand. Say, "Let this symbol of myself, unfettered and unjoined, represent my lonesome soul." Pick up the other piece in your right hand and say, "Let this symbol represent the soul of [person's name]. May he/she yearn for me as I yearn for him/her." Tie the pieces together loosely and say, "With this knot, tied in trust, may these souls be bound in love." Lay the pieces down for one hour, then, without speaking, pull the knot tight. Place it under your bed until the spell takes effect.

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