What Is Best for Losing Weight?


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A food diary enhances weight loss, according to WebMD. The site advises keeping track of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and any snacks in between. Recording every food item allows dieters to make healthy choices, and a food diary highlights the best decisions that result in weight loss.

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A balanced diet of vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, beans and nuts is essential to losing weight, and a food journal is the best way to ensure that dieters receive the necessary nutrition, according to WebMD. Recording trigger responses that draw dieters to unhealthy foods is part of keeping a food diary. For instance, dieters should record fast food and sugar cravings at a certain period of the day, such as when passing a fast food sign on the road. Make adjustments by learning a new route or keeping plenty of granola bars on hand to quell sugar yearnings.

Important points to write down include eating times, what is on the plate and how much is being consumed. Measuring cups easily allow dieters to portion out meal sizes. If a dieter is keeping a food diary online, he should take a pen and paper in the car to keep track when not at home. Dieters should examine the food diary at night to improve their plans and take notes directly after eating instead of waiting at the end of the day. WebMD recommends implementing a reward system on days on which the diet plan is followed consistently.

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