How Do You Lose Weight Without Working Out?


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To lose weight without working out, keep a food journal, and use a smaller serving plate and small utensils when you eat. Get enough sleep each night to reduce your appetite and help you avoid overeating.

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  1. Keep a food journal

    Awareness is the first step to changing any negative behavior, including mindless, unhealthy eating that contributes to weight gain. Be honest, and write down everything you eat each day. If you don’t like carrying a notebook around, use one of the many apps that enable you to keep track of your food consumption. Review what you’ve eaten at the end of each day.

  2. Use smaller utensils

    Instead of using a large serving plate and large utensils, switch to using a small plate and small utensils. This is an easy way to trick your mind into thinking you are eating more, when you are actually eating significantly less at each meal.

  3. Get enough sleep

    Lack of sleep causes ghrelin levels, the hormone responsible for hunger, to become elevated. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night to reduce ghrelin levels and prevent overeating. Additionally, make sure you eat a healthy protein-based breakfast when you wake up, to control hunger throughout the day.

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