How Do You Lose Weight With White Beans?


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To lose weight with white beans, use white bean extract, notes About.com. White bean extract is usually sold in a supplement pill form. It is sometimes called phaselous vulgaris, also known as a starch blocker. It can help prevent certain natural processes that lead certain foods to turn into fat.

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The way white beans help someone to lose weight is due to the fact that it keeps alpha-amylase in the body from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose, says About.com. When this happens, it eventually turns glucose into body fat. While there have not been a lot of studies about how effective it is, there are some studies that show the benefit of white bean extract and weight loss. One such study was in the Nutrition Journal in 2011. The author said it has the potential to help with weight loss and reduce high blood sugar caused by carbohydrates.

White bean extract also has some other uses, according to About.com. It has been known to be given to people with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and low energy. It is also known to help prevent colon cancer of people at high risk and is often given to athletes to improve their performance. If being used for weight loss, combine it with regular exercise and healthy eating.

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