How Do You Lose Weight in Two Days?

A strict diet with reduced calories can facilitate weight loss in two days, according to Fitbie. A good nights rest with at least 8 hours of sleep results in increased fat loss. Now Loss notes that eating less carbohydrates and more protein is a good way to lose weight in two days.

It is also possible to lose 5 pounds in two days if sugar is completely eliminated from any meal plan, according to I fit & healthy. Eating five small meals every 4 hours is necessary, and these meals should comprise steamed vegetables and protein of any kind. This should be done in conjunction with walking each day at moderate speed for at least an hour.

Now Loss notes that drinking plenty of water gets rid of excess water weight. When hydrated, the body does not retain as much water; and, this results in water weight loss. Drinking water also flushes out salt. Too much salt in the body causes water retention, which can appear as extra weight. Warm clothing and saunas help sweat out salt and eliminate water retention.

Yahoo! Voices notes that taking probiotic pills is a way of cleansing the body and losing 5 pounds in two days. Probiotic pills cleanse the colon walls, allowing foods to properly digest and leave the body faster. This aids in eliminating parasites and toxins in the body. These pills contain enzymes, such as pepsin, lipase and protease. No dieting is required, and a person can eat as normal.