How Do You Lose Weight in Three Days?


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To lose weight in three days, take part in the appropriate exercise program, maintain a specific diet, and obtain enough rest. Losing weight in three days is considered healthy as long as the weight loss is not excessive.

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  1. Take part in an appropriate exercise program

    Certain exercise programs are known to be more effective in terms of weight loss. High-intensity workouts burn more calories than traditional workout routines, such as walking or running. These interval programs emphasize maximum energy bursts followed by short periods of rest. This type of activity triggers what is known as excess post oxygen consumption, which causes the body to burn calories even after a workout is completed.

  2. Change your dietary habits

    Consume vegetables, toast, yogurt, salads and tuna. Meals should be spread out over the day and eaten more frequently. The idea is to eat enough food to provide adequate energy until the next meal.

  3. Obtain sufficient rest

    When the body is going through metabolic changes, sufficient rest is critical. A person should get at least 7.5 hours of sleep during each of the three days. During sleep, the body's hormone levels that control appetite become active. Without sufficient sleep, the body may require additional food to carry out metabolic processes.

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