How Do You Lose Weight While Sleeping?

To lose weight while sleeping, Eat protein before you go to bed to boost your metabolism. Turn the thermostat down to burn more belly fat, and eliminate light from the room to help you get a deeper sleep.

  1. Eat protein before bed

    Begin your bedtime routine by consuming about 30 grams of protein. A protein shake that contains whey or casein is an easy way to get the required amount of protein before going to sleep. The protein helps increase your resting metabolic rate and burns more calories while you sleep.

  2. Turn the thermostat down

    Once you've had your protein shake, turn the thermostat down or turn on the air conditioner to keep it cool while you sleep. The cold temperatures trigger brown fat activity, which keeps you warm by burning stomach fat. For the best results, keep your bedroom temperature at 66 degrees or lower.

  3. Turn off all the lights

    Lights from night lights, electronic devices or the television disrupt natural sleep cycles and inhibit a good night's sleep. Turn off all the lights, and remove electronic devices from your room. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible to induce deeper sleep, which helps your body burn more calories and lose weight.