How Do You Lose Weight With the Seven-Day Diet?


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When a person follows the 90/10 rule every day by eating a lean breakfast and dinner along with a lunch heavy on beans, losing weight with a seven-day diet is possible. These actions provide a healthy alternative to the damaging effects of some crash diets and set the stage for healthy lifestyle habits.

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The 90/10 rule applied to a seven-day diet means that the dieter only allows meat, dairy and healthy oils to be 10 percent of his diet, while foods high in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and beans, comprise the rest. A lean breakfast of fruit, flax and oats fits this standard while forgoing eggs and yogurt. Smoothies, breakfast bowls and cereals containing these ingredients serve as the best breakfasts during a seven-day diet.

Lunches are heavy in beans as they are filling and create butyrate, a fatty acid that has been found to decrease fat. Using beans in burgers, chili, enchiladas or hummus serves as a satisfying lunch that contains a high bean content.

Dinners in a seven-day diet do not have to be reduced to salads; vegetable roll-ups, vegetable pizza and vegetable stir-fries utilize the vegetables needed to lose weight. An ounce of chicken can even be added to these recipes for flavoring purposes.

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