How Do You Lose Weight by Running?


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To lose weight by running, run regularly and incorporate fast and challenging runs into the training program. Combine running with a healthy diet, and do not skip meals.

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Engage in daily activity if possible, and run at least three to four times per week. One run a week is not sufficient to generate weight loss. In order to stay motivated and to avoid burnout, keep a training log and increase your weekly mileage slowly. While running, do not run at the same pace all of the time. Rather, alternate fast intervals with intervals of a more relaxed pace. Interval training burns calories and boosts the metabolism, both of which contribute to weight loss. A runner that wants to lose weight must burn more calories than he consumes. Although running is a very efficient way to burn calories, it needs to be paired with a healthy diet to generate optimum weight loss. Eat more low-fat foods like fruits and vegetables. Limit portion size when consuming high-calorie or fatty foods, and do not use running as an excuse to overindulge in any type of food. Consider using a food journal to track calorie consumption. Skipping meals can lead to poor workouts, decreased enjoyment while running and delayed recovery times.

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