How Do You Lose Weight in One Week?

How Do You Lose Weight in One Week?

To safely lose weight in one week, eat healthier foods, change your eating habits and do one hour of strength training or cardio exercises every day. Burning 500 calories more than you eat for one week should eliminate 1 or 2 pounds.

  1. Change your diet

    Reduce the amount of added sugar, starch, meat and dairy-based fat you eat. Try to eat mainly fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, skinless chicken or egg whites. Also, consider eating nonfat dairy products and 95 percent lean meats.

  2. Embrace positive eating habits

    Don't eat out of boredom. Eat three meals per day, and be sure to drink ample water. Write down the calories of the foods you consume to stay accountable and track your progress.

  3. Keep track of your emotions

    When you write down the foods you ate, also write down how you were feeling at the time. If you recognize a correlation between the foods you eat and how you feel, speak to a health care professional.

  4. Exercise daily

    Do strength training and cardio exercises for one hour every day. Make it a goal to sweat for the entire hour. To prevent injury, start slowly at the beginning, and don't push yourself harder than your body can handle. Speak to a professional trainer if you need assistance getting started.