How Do You Lose Weight and Keep It Off?


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To lose weight and keep it off, make a slow transition from the dieting phase after the goal weight is achieved. Continue to eat a balanced, low-fat diet and engage in moderate exercise.

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Abrupt changes in eating habits and activity levels can lead to weight gain. Carefully monitor the effects of a modified diet with weekly trips to the scale, and do not return to prediet eating habits. Start the day with a healthy breakfast, and eat healthy snacks between meals to prevent overindulgence at meal times.

Continue to monitor calorie intake, and add calories slowly. Use the nutritional information provided on food labels to determine healthy choices, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Learn as much as possible about the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, and do not return to a sedentary lifestyle. When working out, change routines on a regular basis, and make exercise a part of your daily routine. Motivation can be maintained by setting and working toward a new set of goals or engaging in new activities. Get adequate sleep as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and recognize that maintaining a healthy weight requires mental and physical discipline; only a small percentage of people who lose weight keep it off permanently.

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