How Do You Lose Weight and Gain Muscle?

How Do You Lose Weight and Gain Muscle?

To lose weight and gain muscle, carefully plan and time your diet, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. It can be difficult to do both simultaneously as muscle growth requires a diet higher in calories, and it is often easier to build muscle first and then diet to lose weight.

  1. Create a daily workout schedule

    Stagger cardiovascular exercise and strength training. On days one, three and five, do cardiovascular training in the morning and weight training in the evening. On days two, four and six, do high-intensity interval training, known as HIIT cardio. Rest on day seven.

  2. Plan your diet

    On days two and four, eat a diet low in calories and carbohydrates but high in protein, about 50 percent. Your caloric intake should be about 10 to 12 times your body weight. Eat every few hours. On days one, three and five, eat the same amount of calories, but high in carbohydrates (75 percent) and low in fat (5 percent). Consume these calories in the six to eight hours surrounding your weight training. On days six and seven, follow a maintenance diet plan with a caloric intake equal to 15 percent of your body weight. The maintenance diets remains high in protein (50 percent) but is also high in fat (30 percent).

  3. Try the plan and adjust

    Depending on your current diet and level of fitness, you may need to adjust the diet and exercise plan. Athletes with a lower body fat percentage may not experience additional weight loss with this plan, and bodybuilders previously on a very high-calorie diet may not experience additional muscle growth. Since metabolism varies on an individual basis, make adjustments as needed.