How Do You Lose Weight in Your Face?

To lose weight in the face, Good Housekeeping recommends aiming to eliminate at least 500 calories per day by eating less and becoming more physically active. Drinking several glasses of water daily and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables also aids in weight loss. Alcohol and salt should be avoided, as they lead to dehydration and cause the body to retain excess water.

Good Housekeeping also suggests eating foods high in calcium, or to add a calcium supplement to the diet in an effort to obtain at least 1,200 milligrams of the vitamin daily. Incorporating weight training into a weekly exercise regimen is a great way to burn calories, as lean muscle mass requires more energy to function. The more muscle a person gains, the more her resting metabolic rate rises, resulting in more calories burned over a sustained period of time. Strength training also helps the body retain its firmness, so that weight loss does not create sagging skin, notes Good Housekeeping.

Arshi Ahmed from StyleCraze recommends using facial exercise techniques to target the smaller muscles around the eyes and mouth for firmness. Examples include raising the eyebrows repeatedly and making kissing motions with the lips several times daily.