How Do You Lose Weight?


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Burning 500 more calories than eating each day for a week is a good way to lose 1 pound a week, according to WebMD. Eating less food and exercising are other ways to lose weight. Reducing starches and sodium reduces water retention and results in weight loss.

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WebMD mentions that eating fruits and vegetables helps dieters lose weight, and vegetables keep the stomach full. Meat that is 95 percent lean should be consumed instead of fatty meats. Skinless poultry and fish are other choices to consider. Replace standard dairy foods with non-fat dairy items. Egg whites and soy products are good foods to eat.

WebMD further notes that cardio exercise burns more calories, but a few hours of strength training each week is recommended. It is important to sweat throughout an entire hour to lose weight faster. Interval training is a technique that boosts intensity, and it requires doing short bursts of high-intensity workout sessions followed with a lighter pace for each exercise session.

WebMD claims that drinking plenty of water should be part of a dieter's daily habit. Staying busy prevents eating when bored. Dieters can resist temptation by removing unhealthy foods from the home. Skipping meals should be avoided. Keeping a food dairy maintains consistency and helps people track daily eating habits.

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