How Do You Lose Waist Fat?


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To lose waist fat, form a plan and stick to it, adopt healthier foods into your diet, change your eating schedule and exercise daily. The combination of long-term diet and exercise is the safest and most effective way to lose weight around the waist.

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  1. Get motivated

    Burning calories is necessary to lose weight. If you're taking in more calories than you burn, you're going to gain weight. Make a plan to monitor your calorie intake, and try to end each day having burned at least 500 calories. There are mobile phone apps that keep track of calories, or you can write what you eat down in a food journal.

  2. Improve your diet

    Eating whole-grains and fiber helps to promote weight loss. Additionally, eliminate fatty meat and dairy from your diet, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  3. Eat on a schedule

    Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time each day. Plan your meals, eat healthy portions and avoid snacking between meals when possible. Try not to let boredom or sadness be an excuse for eating. Losing weight requires a new perspective and permanent lifestyle changes.

  4. Work out every day

    Exercise for a minimum of one hour every day. Living an active lifestyle is difficult at first, but burning fat and living healthier becomes easier over time. Start off with easy exercises, and slowly add more to the workout regimen until it is a permanent part of your lifestyle.

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