How Do You Lose Visceral Fat?


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Losing visceral fat requires diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction. Of these steps, exercise is most important as it decreases obesity and stress. Losing visceral fat is important for men with a belly circumference of greater than 40 inches or women with a 35-inch or greater midsection.

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Eating a healthy diet that focuses on losing weight helps to reduce belly fat. Usually, this means that visceral fat is lost at the same time. Increasing fiber helps to reduce calories and is an effective means of reducing visceral fat.

Exercise increases the calories burned during the day and helps individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. Most people require at least half an hour of exercise for five or more days per week. Practically any activity that increases the heart rate counts as exercise.

People who sleep between six and seven hours per night find it easiest to maintain their visceral fat levels. Those who sleep more than eight hours or less than five hours per night generally see an increase in belly fat over time.

Stress is a part of life. Learning to handle stress reduces its effect on health. Spending time with friends and family, exercise, and meditation help to reduce stress. If self-help steps to reduce stress do not help, the individual often benefits from the professional help of a counselor.

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