How Do You Lose Tummy Fat Fast?


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To lose tummy fat fast, reduce stress and get plenty of sleep, avoid sugar, eat a balanced diet and regularly perform short bursts of exercise. Avoid fad diets that can make losing tummy fat more difficult.

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  1. Reduce stress and get plenty of sleep

    High stress levels cause the body to produce more cortisol, a hormone that is directly related to abdominal weight gain. Practice stress relief techniques, such as slow breathing, to help reduce cortisol levels. Lack of sleep also affects hormones and can raise cortisol levels. It also increases the production of ghrelin, which causes cravings for unhealthy foods. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night to help reduce belly fat.

  2. Eat a balanced diet, and avoid sugar

    Sugar is one of the main sources of tummy fat. Try sprinkling cinnamon on coffee or oatmeal to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. Eat plenty of protein, vegetables and whole grains, and consume healthy fats from foods such as avocados, salmon and walnuts. Increase vitamin C consumption by eating more foods such as kiwi, bell peppers and kale.

  3. Perform short bursts of exercise

    Do short bursts of exercises that work various muscle groups, and regularly engage in cardiovascular activity. Going for walks each day also helps the body burn tummy fat faster.

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