How Do You Lose Stomach Fat Fast?


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It is possible to lose stomach fat by engaging in vigorous exercise routines, such as aerobics and lifting weights; eating a balanced diet that includes fat and vitamins; avoiding sugary foods; and getting enough sleep, according to WebMD. Stress leads to production of cortisol, a hormone that causes accumulation of visceral fat. Avoid stress by adopting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise, or get counseling.

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Visceral fat is essential for cushioning your internal organs, but too much of it is bad for health, notes WebMD. Losing excess belly fat keeps you healthy and prevents various diseases that are associated with obesity, according to Jennifer Cohen of Forbes. Sugary foods cause excess fat to accumulate in the body. Avoid foods that have high sugar content, such as cheese and sweets. Regular exercises enhance fat breakdown, so they are effective in losing belly fat. Create an exercise routine that incorporates quick bursts of exercises. Simple exercises, such as jogging, running, stretching, performing lunges and pushups, help burn extra stomach fat, and tone your body muscle.

According to WebMD, consuming a balanced diet with plenty of fiber is essential for losing belly fat. Forbes advises eating foods that are high in omega-3s, such as fish. Fat does not increase visceral fats; only sugar does that.

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