How Do You Lose Your Stomach?


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To safely lose stomach weight, sleep better at night, embrace better eating habits and live an active lifestyle. The stomach is often the first body part to slim down when a person makes healthy lifestyle changes. Losing weight is often difficult, and it requires daily dedication.

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  1. Improve your sleeping habits

    Follow a consistent sleep schedule. Studies have shown that people who get less than five or more than eight hours of sleep gain visceral weight faster than those who get six or seven hours of sleep. A lack of sleep also causes stress, which promotes weight gain.

  2. Change your diet

    Eat foods that contain fats from healthy sources, such as salmon, nuts or avocados. Avoid fats that come from fatty meats or dairy products, and limit your sugar and starch intake. Fruits and vegetables should become staples in your meals, and you can get protein from seafood, skinless chicken and lean meats.

  3. Avoid snacking

    Try to limit your food intake to three square meals per day. When you do snack, make it healthy. Vegetables are great for filling up without taking in excessive calories.

  4. Stay active

    In order to lose weight, you need to be burning more calories than you take in. Spend at least 30 minutes doing cardio exercises. Once you feel comfortable with 30 minutes, increase the workout to an hour.

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