How Do You Lose a Lot of Weight?


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To lose a lot of weight, WebMD recommends remaining consistent with a strict plan to eat healthy and exercise at least seven hours every week. Keeping a detailed food and fitness journal helps to stay on track. If diet and exercise fail, weight loss surgery may be an option.

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People with a lot of weight to lose often attempt diets and fitness routines and are unable to stick to them long enough to make lasting changes, explains WebMD. Because of this start-and-stop cycle, it is common for overweight people to become discouraged, and many find it difficult to muster the ambition to begin again. Weight gain often occurs as a result of emotional eating, so weight loss efforts usually require people to examine their psychological handicaps and work to overcome them.

WebMD recommends enlisting the help of a psychologist or joining a support group to assist in managing eating triggers. People should also work closely with a physician to assess their current state of health and discuss the healthiest approach to weight loss. A healthy rate of weight loss is between 1 to 2 pounds per week, and extreme measures such as severe caloric restriction and over-exercising should be avoided.

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