How Do You Lose the Last Ten Pounds?


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Losing those last ten pounds is a difficult process that can take a varying amount of time for different people. In order to lose your last ten pounds, you need access to a gym and some flexibility in your diet.

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  1. Change the way you eat

    Consume fewer calories. If you have already been dieting, you may need to practice more mindful eating. Instead of eating until you are completely full, attempt to eat until you are about 80 percent full. Additionally, consider increasing your intake of fiber. Fiber has been linked to weight loss and can be found in many different types of vegetables as well as dietary supplements. Increase your fiber intake slowly to avoid bloating and gas.

  2. Make sure you get enough to drink

    Drink more water before and during your meals. Water can help you to feel more full and consume fewer calories over the course of a meal. Try to consume one or two glasses of water immediately before eating dinner.

  3. Lift weights regularly

    Begin incorporating weight lifting and strength training into your regular exercise schedule. Larger amounts of muscle boost insulin sensitivity and boosts metabolism. People with greater muscle mass and density burn more calories when resting. Split your time evenly between cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting to increase your long-term fat burning abilities.

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