How Do You Lose Inner Thigh Fat?


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There are several toning exercises targeting the inner thigh area including the sumo squat, the inner thigh leg lift, and the arabesque. One should incorporate these exercises into a workout three times a week to achieve the best results. Results are visible in about four months.

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The sumo squat is similar to a normal squat exercise but the hips are turned out and the feet are widely spread apart. Repeating this exercise 10 to 20 times completes one set, and weight should be added as muscles strengthen.

The inner thigh leg lift is another effective exercise that involves lying on the floor on one side of the body with the bottom arm outstretched above the head. The top leg is lifted to hip level and held there throughout the set. The bottom leg then lifts to touch the top leg and then is lowered back down. Each time the bottom leg moves up and back down is one rep. The exercise is repeated 20 to 30 times for one set and then done again lying on the other side.

The ballet-inspired arabesque requires a chair or high piece of furniture. One stands an arms-length away from the back of the chair with hands gripping the top. Heels are together; toes are apart. One leg moves backwards into a point while the other supports the body. The body stays aligned while the pointed foot is gently lifted as high as possible and then returns to the rested pointing position. Lifting the back leg up and back down is one rep. The exercise is repeated 20 times for a set and then switched to the other leg.

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