How Do You Lose Inches?

Losing inches is best achieved by a combination of consuming fewer calories and regular exercise. Most experts recommend adding both cardiovascular and strength training routines to an exercise regimen.

Losing inches involves reducing calorie intake and increasing exercise. Reduce the number of calories you consume in a typical day. This results in a loss of both fat and muscle tissue, which in turn results in a loss of inches. However, the loss of muscle tissue is often counterproductive, as losing muscle tissue decreases the number of calories burned in one day. Experts therefore recommend adding exercise to your efforts.

Most experts agree that three forms of exercise are required for losing inches: cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility for optimum results. In previous years, it was thought that cardiovascular is the most beneficial exercise for weight or size reduction, but new research as of 2015 suggests that adding muscle by strength training is actually better for you. Muscle tissue burns more calories while at rest than fat cells do. Thus, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn in a given day even if you are sedentary. Strength training doesn't burn as many calories during exercise, but its afterburn keeps metabolism burning calories at a higher rate long after you have stopped exercising. In contrast, when performing cardiovascular exercises, the rise in your metabolism only lasts as long as you are working out.