How Do You Lose Your Gut?

How Do You Lose Your Gut?

To get rid of your gut, commit to a lifestyle change that includes eating more proteins and vegetables and fewer starches, as well as an exercise program with resistance exercises and interval training. These changes reduce caloric intake and increase metabolic activity.

  1. Put more protein on your plate

    Make sure that a full quarter of your plate contains lean protein. Substitute grilled chicken, fish and lean cuts of beef for fattier helpings of pork or the heartier beef cuts. Eat this part of your meal before turning to your source of carbs.

  2. Eat more vegetables and fewer carbs

    Cover at least half your plate with vegetables, leaving the remaining quarter for your starch or carbs. Choose raw vegetables, or steam them until they still have a crisp texture, to retain the maximum dietary fiber and vitamin content. Resist the temptation to eat quickly; allow the fiber from the vegetables to fill your stomach and allow you to eat less.

  3. Add intervals to your cardio training

    Spice up those 3-mile jogs with some intervals of harder effort, as your body adjusts to the level of effort in the jog and the same exercise provides less benefit. Warm up for 10 minutes, and alternate 30-second intervals of harder running with 90-second recovery intervals of light jogging. Increase your interval difficulty by incorporating hills or lengthening the harder intervals as the existing routine becomes easier.

  4. Add resistance training to your exercise mix

    Put together a routine of weight training exercises that includes upper-body and lower-body challenges. Start with a basic set consisting of lat pull-downs, bench press and military press for the upper body, along with squats, lunges and leg presses for the lower body. Add to these as you develop more strength.