How Do You Lose Five Pounds in Two Days?


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The easiest way to lose five pounds in a couple of days is to cut out sodium and starch. These things encourage fluid retention, so drastically reducing daily intake leads to a loss of water weight. People who weigh more can lose more weight quickly while still remaining safe and healthy.

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Water weight loss is most common at the beginning of a new diet change and does not generally stay consistent after the first few days to a week. After the initial loss, it is safer for most people to lose two or fewer pounds per week. To lose one to two pounds a week, it is necessary to burn 500 to 1000 calories more than are consumed each day.

A diet filled with vegetables, up to five cups per day, fills up the stomach and reduces overall hunger. With large amounts of water and protein in the diet, it is easier to stay within the necessary calorie limit. Small treats, such as a favorite piece of candy, help dieters stick to restrictions.

Interval training and cardio exercise, such as dancing to the radio or running, burn extra calories, making it easier to get the deficit without restricting food intake as much.

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