How Do You Lose Belly Fat Using an Exercise Ball?


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Toning belly muscles on its own fails to get rid of belly fat because spot reduction doesn't work, according to WebMD. To lose belly fat, one must lose fat all over by reducing calories and exercising, including aerobic exercise such as walking. However, an exercise ball routine, as part of an overall fitness plan, helps replace belly fat with muscle.

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The most effective exercise ball routine targeting abdominal muscles is the exercise ball crunch, states NaturalNews.com. To do the exercise ball crunch, one should sit on the exercise ball, and then roll back slowly with hands behind the head and feet on the ground. The next step is to do a crunch by raising the head and body by contracting abs while keeping the back on the ball, then lowering slowly to the original position. The goal should be one to three sets with 12 to 16 crunches per set.

Medical studies show that a waist size of over 35 inches for women or 40 inches for men increases the chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer, according to WebMD. Belly fat is visceral fat, which interacts with hormones and increases fat stored around the internal organs. The best weapon against visceral fat is activity.

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