How Do You Lose Belly Fat Quickly?

According to Forbes wellness contributor Jennifer Cohen, the keys to burning belly fat fast include getting proper amounts of sleep each night (at least 7 hours), doing short bursts of of heart pumping exercises that work the whole body, and reducing sugar consumption. Additionally, increasing vitamin C intake to help reduce cortisol levels, as well as eating good fats such as those found in salmon, avocado and walnuts, and working on slower, more focused breathing. When the body is stressed, it breaks down lean muscle and stores more fat, so reducing stress can make a big difference as well.

Cohen explains that staying up late throws off biorhythms, causing a person to eat more. Specifically, tiredness makes the body produce more ghrelin, which triggers cravings for sugary and other fattening foods. Losing sleep also tampers with hormone production, changing cortisol levels that can cause insulin sensitivity, which is a prime cause of the development of belly fat.

Many exercise programs often focus on targeting the abdominal area, however, while doing long sets of crunches may leave stomach muscles strong, it is not effective at burning fat off the belly. Working the cardiovascular system and multiple muscle groups is a much better choice for overall fat burning.

Food choice also plays a big part in losing belly fat. Start by replacing sugary foods with high-protein, low-sugar alternatives. Additionally, look for ways to increase the body's Vitamin C intake, as it helps the body produce carnitine, which in turn helps the body convert fat into useable fuel. Men's Fitness also suggests replacing carbohydrates with proteins because the body burns more calories when digesting proteins.