How Do You Lose Belly Fat Naturally?


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The only way to lose belly fat naturally is to create a calorie deficiency in your body. This reduces the total amount of fat on the body. It is impossible to target a specific area for weight loss, such as the belly, but you can focus on building muscle in that area.

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To create a calorie deficiency, the body must burn more calories than it takes in. The first step is figuring out your daily caloric needs. The average, moderately active female requires around 2,000 calories per day and the average, moderately active male requires 2,600 calories per day. Eating below 1,200 calories per day is extremely unhealthy. A person should always consult his physician before making radical changes to his diet.

Studies show that those who eat a healthy breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. Switching sodas for water or other no-calorie beverages helps to reduce overall caloric intake. Choose foods that are high in fiber, protein and essential nutrients. Avoid foods with added sugar and saturated fat.

Exercise daily to burn extra calories and build muscle. Adopting a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and regular healthy eating habits helps you to maintain muscle and keep fat off your body.

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