How Do You Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise?


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Ways to lose belly fat without exercising include eating healthy, getting enough sleep and dealing with stress the right way. Eating a tablespoon of vinegar every day is another effective way to lose belly fat.

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A diet that's rich in fiber and protein helps get rid of belly fat. Consuming at least 10 grams of soluble fiber a day helps prevent a buildup of visceral fat. Examples of foods that contain soluble fiber include apples, pinto beans and green peas. Protein is helpful in fighting insulin resistance, which can cause the body to store up extra fat.

An individual should get anywhere between six to seven hours of sleep a night in order to help his body burn fat. A person who gets this much sleep gains less visceral fat when compared to an individual who sleeps five hours or fewer, or eight hours or more a night.

Stress can cause the body to hold onto fat, which makes it important for a person to properly handle his stress with meditation, talking with friends, relaxing or finding another comforting activity.

One possible reason that consuming a tablespoon of vinegar every day is effective for losing belly fat is due to the acetic acid it contains, which creates fat-burning proteins.

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