How Do You Lose Arm Fat Fast?


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Losing arm fat quickly requires a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training to tone the arms. It is impossible to reduce fat in one specific area. Instead, fat is lost throughout the body with the proper diet and routine.

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A healthy diet consists of lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Reading labels helps determine which foods are healthy and which should be avoided. Calories can be reduced by 500 to 1,000 per day, depending on the dieter's starting weight. Cutting calories by more than 1,000 per day can lead to negative side effects. Reducing portion sizes is a good way to cut calories. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and should be done several times per week. Cardiovascular exercises that use the arms, such as an elliptical machine, are ideal for losing fat and toning the arms. Swimming and kayaking are also good choices. Resistance training builds muscle, which helps dieters burn fat more efficiently. Exercises that focus on the arms, such as dips and triangle push ups, can be done two to three times per week. These tone the arms in addition to building muscle. It is important to do every exercise with correct form to avoid injuries. Each exercise should be a struggle at the end but should not require so much strain that form suffers.

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