How Do You Lose Arm Fat?


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A person can lose arm fat by cutting calorie intake by 500, drinking water instead of soda and working the biceps and triceps. Losing overall body weight also helps a person lose arm fat.

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Working the triceps requires sitting on a chair and placing the hands on the front part of the seat. Walk forward and lower to the point where the body is properly balanced on the arms and feet. After maneuvering the legs to a 90-degree angle, straighten the arms until lifting back into position, and bend the elbows until lowering down. Avoid using the legs while doing the exercise. This rep should be done 15 times.

For the biceps, begin by standing with the feet wide while holding dumbbells. Position the arms to the side, and lift dumbbells toward the shoulders. Move the dumbbells back into position. This exercise should be repeated 12 times.

Walking or riding a bike is another method of losing overall body weight to slim down the arms. Engaging in physical activity for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day is helpful in losing body and arm fat. Eating breakfast and drinking tea are useful ways to boost the metabolism. Filling foods, such as eggs, ricotta cheese and shrimp, reduce caloric intake.

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