How Do You Lose 80 Pounds?


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Cycling and cutting calories by anywhere from 250 to 500 calories a day is the best way to lose 80 pounds, according to the Houston Chronicle. Losing one or two pounds a week is preferable. To lose 80 pounds, cycle each day with only one day of rest. Dieters who are burning 500 calories a day can lose 1 pound a week, or 80 pounds in 80 weeks.

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Cutting 500 calories per day alone means weight loss of 80 pounds occurs within 20 months. If the dieter doubles physical activity, he can reach his weight loss target of 80 pounds in 10 months. Dieters can burn 738 calories alone by cycling for 90 minutes at 10mph.

Those who weigh 180 pounds can burn 8.2 calories each minute by cycling at 10 mph for 30 to 90 minutes. To burn the most calories on an exercise bike, add high bursts of speed during routine workouts. For instance, start with a usual rate speed for a minute, cycle quickly for 30 to 60 seconds, and return to normal speed.

Walking for 10 or 20 minutes each day results in faster weight loss, opposed to dieting alone without exercise. Eating breakfast every day enhances the metabolism, and it boosts energy for the day. Break primary meals into five or six smaller meals throughout the day, with one or two healthy snacks to keep cravings at bay.

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