How Do You Lose 25 Pounds?


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To safely lose 25 pounds, keep track of your calorie intake, do cardio and strength exercises every day, and make positive dietary changes. Losing 25 pounds may be difficult, but it's possible through healthy lifestyle changes.

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  1. Count calories

    On average, burning 3,500 calories more than you consume on a weekly basis should net roughly 2 pounds of weight loss every week. That means that if you burn 500 calories every day, you should be able to lose approximately 8 pounds every month. At that rate, it takes around three months to lose 25 pounds. Decide how many calories you want to burn every week, and keep track of them.

  2. Burn calories through exercise

    The best way to burn calories is to do cardio exercises for at least an hour every day. If you don't want to go to a gym or exercise at home, try to live a more active lifestyle. Jogging, biking and swimming are all excellent weight-loss workouts.

  3. Improve your eating habits

    Avoid snacking and eating when you're bored. Eat three square meals at the same time every day. Make meals from fruits, vegetables, seafood and lean meats. Avoid fats, sugars and starches. Don't forget to stay sufficiently hydrated.

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