Will Loose Teeth Tighten Up?


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Loose teeth can tighten up again, though this is dependent on the reason they were loosening in the first place, explains Dr. Barry Hughes for DentalCareMatters. It is important to seek prompt dental treatment when you notice a loose tooth.

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People think of their teeth as being firmly set into the jawbone, but they are actually suspended in their sockets by the periodontal ligament to allow for a bit of movement and shock absorption during chewing. However, this movement should not be visible. If it is, see a dentist. Acute trauma and chronic gum disease are the two primary causes of loose teeth. Trauma may come from an accident, playing contact sports without a mouth guard or biting into a hard object like an olive pit. Untreated gum disease causes structural damage to the gums and jaw itself until the teeth no longer have the root support necessary to stay in place, notes Dr. Hughes.

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