How Do You Look up Doctor Complaints?


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An individual can look up doctor complaints by checking the Federation of State Medical Boards, state licensing boards and court records, according to Nolo. There are also health insurance plans that provide information regarding a physician's work history.

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The Federation of State Medical Boards has a database containing disciplinary actions taken against physicians, notes Nolo. An individual needs to pay a fee to use the database. A state's board of medical licensure also handles disciplinary measures. A person can see if a specific physician has had his license permanently revoked or suspended by checking free state licensing board websites.

Online court records can be used to determine if a physician has been sued, says Nolo. Court records can inform an individual if a specific physician has been sued in the past or if he is currently being sued. If information is unattainable online, the individual can pay a fee and gain access to the records at a courthouse. There is a chance that a lawsuit raised against a physician is for a frivolous reason. While courts usually throw these lawsuits out, a record of the lawsuit being made still exists.

There are several different types of complaints that can be brought against a physician, notes Nolo. Some of the most common include premature discharge, drug errors, unnecessary surgery and incomplete discharge instructions.

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