How Do You Look up CPT Procedure Codes?

Find CPT procedure codes by entering the code or keyword into search bars on websites for the American Medical Association, Physicians Group Management, Fallon Community Health Plan or Find-A-Code, as of April 2015. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology, which is a coding system developed by the American Medical Association.

Choose your state from a drop-down menu, and then enter a five-digit CPT code or keyword into the search blank on the AMA website in order to find exact codes and procedural descriptions. Click the Submit button to find up to 25 codes, fee schedules and procedures within the scope of the coding system. States are broken down into different localities.

Input CPT codes or keywords, either complete or partial, into the search box of to find specific CPT codes. Choose a portion of a state from the drop-down menu, and click the Search button. Codes are listed in ascending numerical order.

Enter full or partial codes into the search bar of, and then select the check box for CPT to find the exact procedural code. Click the Search button after you input the information. Find a CPT code by using numeric codes or keywords on Click the word Search to view a list of possible codes for a keyword. CPT codes found using a non-AMA website should be considered unofficial when determining coverage.