How Do You Look up a 5 Day Diabetic Meal Plan?

How Do You Look up a 5 Day Diabetic Meal Plan? and both offer diabetic meal plans. These plans allow diabetics to choose their recommended caloric-intake levels based on recommendations from their physicians. Both plans limit the intake of sugars, refined grains and carbohydrates. offers an Outsmart Diabetes meal plan that is aimed at helping the diabetic to reduce risk of injury, lose body fat and lower blood sugar. The meal plan has two caloric levels, including both 1,400- and 1,600-calorie options. The meal plan offers a choice of breakfasts, including veggie omelets, pancakes, oatmeal, cereal and smoothies; sandwiches, salads and quesadillas for lunch; grilled fish, stir-fry, and steak and potato dinners; and a variety of options for snacking, including crackers and milk, fruit and nuts, cheese, and light popcorn. offers diabetic menu plans in calorie ranges from 1,200 to 2,000 per day. The plans are designed to help diabetics keep their blood sugar levels in check. The plans feature a light breakfast, such as cereal and skim milk with a piece of fruit; a morning fruit snack; a simple lunch of grilled shrimp or other light meats with whole-wheat bread; celery sticks or other vegetables for an afternoon snack; and a dinner of rice, meat and vegetables.