How Long Do You Have to Work Out to Lose 20 Pounds in Two Months?

According to Women's Health, losing one or two pounds a week is a sustainable weight goal. To burn two pounds a week, Fit Day recommends a regimen of aerobic activity lasting for at least 20 minutes five times a week. Experts believe losing anything over two pounds a week can jeopardize health, but aerobic exercises are the best way to maximize weight loss in two months.

Fit Day goes on to say that running or walking, stationary bikes and elliptical machines are helpful aerobic exercises. Increasing the heat rate is the best method for losing pounds, and it drastically reduces a person's workout time. In order to lose at least one pound per week, a person would need to burn 3,500 calories in a week. Fit Day recommends burning calories at a rate of 500 calories per day. Running for an hour alone can cause a person with an average weight of 150 pounds to lose 542 calories. Stationary bikes can help one lose 1,000 calories in one biking session, and elliptical machines can burn 750 calories per hour. Fit Day notes a person can burn as much as 5,000 calories in five days, depending on the aerobic plan. The extent of the workout varies on the exercise plan, how many pounds are lost per week and a person's metabolism. A person can also decrease his exercise time by drinking more water. According to Baba Mail, drinking at least six cups of water per day can increase a person's metabolism by burning 50 extra calories a day.